New Sustainability Offer for APRA AMCOS Music Creators and Customers.

SEMS is pleased to offer APRA AMCOS music creators and customers the opportunity to purchase a tool to measure event sustainability, as used by APRA AMCOS, at a reduced rate.
Whether you wear your green on the inside or the out, SEMS will help you identify sustainability issues and give you the ability to manage, measure and report on your business, your tours, your venues and your suppliers. Your fans will support you for it.
For more information and to redeem the offer head to SEMS website.

About SEMS

Use the SEMS TOOL to enhance event sustainability performance across your operations and get ISO 20121 certified.
Take note, play sensibly, reduce emissions and be best practice. 

Read more about ISO 20121 in our Grow Beyond Green brochure (pdf).

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