APRA AMCOS people are here for the music – we believe it deserves the respect it's due. From radio to coffee shops and beyond, we’re here to support both music creators and music customers, to make music rights simple, and ensure the local industry’s future.



Matthew Cannings
Writer Services Representative

Years worked at APRA AMCOS: Three

What do you love most about APRA AMCOS?

APRA AMCOS is a workplace committed to diversity, inclusion and is genuinely invested in the success and wellbeing of all of its staff. You can sense the passion and enthusiasm of everyone who works here, and it’s exciting to work in an environment that actively fosters this spirit.

What makes you happy at work?

Delivering career-changing initiatives and opportunities to Australian songwriters and musicians has to be some of the most rewarding work in my career to date. Spending time with a team of individuals so committed to working with the Australian music community is consistently energising.

How has APRA AMCOS shaped your career?

On a daily basis APRA AMCOS continues to provide new experiences that challenge and provide growth, both professionally and personally. The opportunity to forge your own career pathways are supported – and often guided – by the management teams, and I’ve developed a real sense of a long-term career with APRA AMCOS.

What was your main reason for wanting to join APRA AMCOS?

I could not turn up the opportunity to work in a role that simultaneously valued and further developed my skillsets, particularly within an organisation dedicated to working and advocating for the Australian music community.


We value:

Collaboration - Diversity is vital. Whether our opinions, views, talents or skills complement or contrast, we collaborate with those who share our purpose and passion.

Respect - Our respect for music runs deep. It keeps us transparent, open, and honest. We’re working towards a future where everyone respects music for both its emotional and financial value.

Skill – We combine talent, knowledge and intuition with a commercial sensibility. We do what no one else can: copyright can be complex, yet we make it simple.

Imagination - We don’t just admire imagination, we use it within our business every day: it makes life interesting. Imagination + action = innovation.

What are we like to work with? We are:

Agile – Change is our constant companion. Quick and efficient, we don’t just keep up, we lead.

Astute - We are sharp. We proactively identify better ways of working for the benefit of everyone.

Fair - Our passion never clouds our judgment. Everyone is equal and everyone matters. We make fairness our business.

Human - We connect instantly. Warm and welcoming, we’re about more than just business. We add heart to everything we do.

Our rewards and benefits

  • Competitive pay
  • Training & Development Programs
  • Purchased Leave allowances
  • Corporate Private Health Insurance
  • Salary Continuance Insurance
  • Superannuation & Financial Planning Services
  • Paid parental leave
  • Paid short parental leave for partners
  • A social and collaborative work environment

If you love the sound of that and you think you could be one of us, then keep an eye out for our work opportunities here or contact our HR team.

APRA AMCOS is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer.

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