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Do you need to become a Publisher Member?

If you’re thinking about forming a publishing company to represent your own music, you may not need to; if you simply represent your own catalogue, then you can market, promote and exploit it without needing to form a publishing company. Many of the back-end functions for royalty collection and administration are available to you through existing channels.

You don’t need to be a publisher to join APRA or AMCOS. While in some countries forming a publishing company is necessary to collect mechanical royalties, this is not required in Australia. Please contact us if you are unsure about whether you need to join as a publisher.

If you are an existing APRA writer member but have not joined AMCOS to collect your mechanical royalties please contact your local Writer Services Representative

Become a Publisher Member

Joining APRA AMCOS as a publisher is free and the process is easy. However your membership is subject to the following criteria:

  • You must be a bona-fide publishing company or business that is registered and operates in Australia, New Zealand or a South Pacific Nation.
  • You must control at least one song or composition that has been commercially released or published in some way.
  • You must have a publishing agreement with at least one writer who is a member of APRA AMCOS or an affiliated performing right society.
  • The APRA AMCOS Board must be satisfied you meet this criteria and can provide evidence.

Before you apply, make sure you have the following information on hand to submit with your application:

  • a copy of the publisher’s certificate of incorporation or registration of business name.
  • details of the person/s owning and carrying on the publishing company or business.
  • the publisher's standard songwriting agreement.

To maximize your revenue, we recommend publishers join both APRA and AMCOS.

APRA Publisher Membership

APRA is the Australasian Performing Right Association. It has two classes of publisher membership – Full and Associate.

Only corporations, i.e. Pty Limited or Limited companies, can become Full publisher members of APRA. However, any registered business, that isn’t a corporation, can become an Associate publisher member of APRA.

The only difference between the two classes is that Full members are entitled to attend and vote at APRA general meetings, but Associate members are not.

AMCOS Publisher Membership

AMCOS is the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited.AMCOS does not distinguish between Full and Associate membership. Instead, AMCOS members are Category A members, when they represent less than 500 recorded works, or Category B members, when they represent 500 or more recorded works.

Once you’re a member

Once you’re a publisher member of APRA AMCOS, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the services we offer.

Your main responsibility as a member is to keep us informed about any Publishing and/or Sub-Publishing Agreements you enter into and the musical works you represent.

Become a publisher member
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