APRA AMCOS is currently reviewing music licensing for Councils and has begun a consultation process. For more information please visit our news section

Councils are important providers of entertainment, recreation and cultural facilities for their communities.  Music forms a vital part of these and other activities provided by councils.

We have a range of licences available for your council to cover the different ways in which you use music. Choose the ones you need, or we can help you consolidate these into a single agreement.

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Halls and Function Centres


Fitness Centres

Dance Schools

Music in the Workplace

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the type of licence. Your council may find it easier if we consolidate the different licences into a single agreement. We can organise that.

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We’re here to help you, please contact us on 1300 852 388 or licence@apra.com.au.

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