We recognise the huge role music plays in schools, in the classroom and at school events. Three blanket licences are in place through APRA AMCOS and ARIA to simplify the licensing obligations of using copyrighted music in your school. These are the:

  • Performance Licence
  • Photocopying Licence
  • APRA AMCOS ARIA Music Recordings and Access Licence

Who is covered?

All government schools in Australia are covered by the three licences automatically through their state or territory Department. Catholic and independent schools can opt in to each licence on a needs basis through their peak governing body. If you would like to check if your school is covered email us at schools@apra.com.au.

What do the licences cover?

Performance Licence

This licence will cover you for:

  • Performances at school events either on or off campus. They must be organised and run by your school and be not-for-profit. This includes but is not limited to assemblies, presentation evenings, sports days, concerts & showcases, school dances and fetes.
  • Music on-hold for your school telephone system.

You may need additional licences to:

  • Perform a Grand Right Works protected by copyright (operas, musicals and ballets).
  • Performing a large choral work longer than 20 minutes duration.
  • Give performances for profit; and
  • Secondary schools which perform music pieces in a dramatic context which charges admission and advertises the event outside the school.

Photocopying Licence

This licence allows schools to make a limited number of photocopies of a copyright musical work per original score that they own.

Schools can also make a transcription of the lyrics and/or melody line, or a transposition from an original score of a copyright musical work under this licence. Copies cannot exceed the allowed limit of copies per original score. 

Under the agreement, every copy you make needs to be marked with the following:

  • AMCOS Licensed Copy
  • School Name
  • Date Copies Made: …/…/…
  • Copy Number: …. of ….

The copying limits per original score are defined by the type of musical work you are using. If you need to make more copies you either need another original score, or further permissions from the publisher.

Print music type

Number of copies per original owned by the school or teacher

Separately published work

30 (primary schools), 15 (secondary schools)

Chamber music works

A maximum of 10 copies

Choral sheets


Band/Orchestral set

A total of 30 instrumental parts

Vocal score or collection of works

30 copies (primary schools), 15 copies (secondary schools) and up to three songs from any one score or collection

APRA AMCOS ARIA Music Recording and Access Licence

This licence covers you to:

  • Make audio and audio-visual recordings of school events, for use at school events, for inclusion in electronic presentations and as part of a course of instruction. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Recording school concerts (i.e. school band or choir performances)
    • Making recordings to be used at school events such as backing tracks for a dance performance at assembly
    • Making audio recordings used in presentations
    • Recording student performances for technique analysis or commemorative purposes
    • Making  compilations of musical works for study purposes
    • Storing recording of works on a learning management system or intranet for staff and student access.
    • Making a live stream for your school’s website only for members of the school community.

You may sell recordings of school events at a cost designed to recover the costs of the event only. You are not covered to sell any recordings for profit. 

All copies of musical works and sound recordings must have a copying notification form on them.

No audio or audio-visual recording made under this licence may be shared by way of the Internet, public screenings, competitions, film festivals, TV, radio or online broadcasts or any other means. No advertising or promotional material may be included in the recording. 

See our Guide to Music in Schools for more information.

Guide for Schools

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