Cooper's Intern Playlist: All new Australian Music

Friday, 06 Apr 2018

‘A weekly updated list of all new Australian Music curated by APRA AMCOS intern Cooper Parsons!’

Hey guys, it’s Cooper here. I'm currently interning at APRA AMCOS in Sydney in the Communications team! I've been given the challenge to curate a weekly Spotify playlist of all my favourite local and independent hits - and reach 500 followers before I graduate!

Filled with 10 of the newest and hottest tracks from my favourite independent and local artists Cooper’s Intern Playlist  will be updated weekly to keep everyone in the loop!

As an independent songwriter and band member myself (Liquid Time, Drued, Otis Thomas & my solo project Dream Tears), I understand the struggle all artists have when trying to gain exposure and success and how important local music is. I’m hoping this playlist will shine the light on some songwriters and artists you’ve never heard of that are killing it in Australia right now!

Help me with my big challenge… 500 followers. Yes, I know this is a far-reaching goal, but as an intern it gives me the motivation to share new Australian music that deserves to be in the spotlight.

So check out the playlist here and give me a follow (please and thanks!).

- Cooper, the Comms Intern.

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