Meet Jane Arnison, APRA AMCOS Ambassador in Berlin

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018

The music scene in Berlin is undoubtedly vibrant and beckoning more than a few APRA AMCOS members to the city to see what opportunity it holds. One member who is well and truly established in Berlin is Jane Arnison, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and recording/mix engineer. In addition to recording and performing with her band Evvol, Jane continues to work with many artists from local hero M.I.K.E.Y, to Canada’s Austra, PlanningtoRock, Peaches and more recently producers Steffi & Virginia.

In addition to all of this creative work, Jane represents something that is still in short supply in the industry - a female technician. She is committed to developing and championing female engagement in technical aspects of the industry having appeared at Ableton Loop Festival, Melt Festival, and is due to speak at Hamburg’s upcoming Reeperbahn Festival and has recently been invited to be a product specialist for Native Instruments. She was a guest at our recent SongHubs London at RAK Studios, and now she becomes our newest -- and first in Berlin -- Ambassador.

Three words that best describe you:
Detail-oriented, extreme, geeky

I do my best work when…
I’ve had a good night’s sleep, have done yoga in the morning and am excited by the project I’m working on.

One essential piece of equipment I need for my job is:
My computer is the only thing that works harder than I do. Aside from that - my ears. I’m getting really aware of the fact that my ears are literally everything.

The song that changed everything for me is:
It wasn’t really a song but it was the debut Evvol album ‘Eternalism’

The moment I knew I could be a producer was…
When I realized what a producer actually was, and that it was what I was already doing it and that it came really naturally to me.

The biggest challenge in moving from classical music to contemporary was…
Keeping it simple. The power of contemporary popular music is in simplicity. Detailed, technically difficult and cerebrally-challenging music was where I started out from my time at the Conservatorium and after for a while in the new music scene in Sydney. I’ve figured out though that the detail involved in producing is the place for me to stretch that cerebral part of my brain and in the musical aspects (melody, harmony, structure etc). I love the challenge of creating a cracking song that is beautifully simple and focusing on connecting with the energy and emotion.

Berlin is an exciting place to be right now because: 
It is a melting pot of creativity and the best place in the world for developing artists. We have musicians from literally every country coming here in a kind of pilgrimage to experience the freedom and immerse themselves in the famous Berlin culture and to give themselves time to find their voice and expression as artists. It’s the bomb!

My advice for APRA AMCOS members heading to Berlin is...
Have a plan - commitments and deadlines that you have to stick to. Expect to be overwhelmed by the nightlife and don’t let it suck you in and destroy you. Don’t over pay for rent cos you ruin it for the rest of us, lol. Oh and don’t come in winter - it’s cold, dark and depressing.

Copyright is important to me because:
In a sometimes shady industry and in a contemporary age of streaming, copyright at least continues to guarantee artists compensation for their talent and contributions to the world when all around the sharks are biting at our heels (and income streams!).

I’m an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because:
I’m a proud Aussie repping overseas. APRA AMCOS has helped me to maintain a connection to the Australian Industry. It also works to develop and connect its members with the international industry through various initiatives, such as the awesome SongHubs that I was fortunate enough to be a part of.

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