10 quick questions with Kylie Sackley, newly appointed APRA AMCOS Ambassador

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018

Originally from Far North Queensland, singer, songwriter, producer and avowed ‘word nerd’ Kylie Sackley, has been working with country music’s biggest stars including Keith Urban, LeAnn Rimes, Sam Hunt, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson and Walker Hayes for the past decade. After winning the Star Maker country music talent search competition in 2001, she took her first place prize trip to Nashville and had the realisation that she wanted to stay and make the country music capital her home. Kylie made a flying return to Sydney for this year's APRA Music Awards, where she was honoured with an Overseas Recognition Award. It is now our honour to appoint her as an APRA AMCOS Ambassador. Get to know her a bit better with these 10 quick questions.

1. Three Words that best describe you:

Stubborn, driven, emotional

2. A song that everyone should listen to right now is:

Break Up In The End by Cole Swindell. It’s incredible, a really, really well-written song.

3. The best lyric I’ve written is:

“Sometimes love is a white flag, sometimes love is standing tall, sometimes love is a feather, sometimes a cannon ball - but it's worth fighting for, Baby, sometimes love is war” …. THIS QUESTION IS SO HARD, THAT LIKE PICKING MY FAVOURITE CHILD!!! Haha.

4. I realised I could be a professional songwriter when…

Shoot, I’m still winging it!

5. One thing songwriters should know about Nashville is:

You gotta work your ass off. It’s not going to come easy, you’re not going to show up, you’re not going to play on Broadway, and it’s not going to be all puppies and rainbows. But it’s so worth it, if you put in the time.

6. Copyright is meaningful to me because:

It keeps my frickin’ lights on. 

7. I’m an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because:

More people need to know the importance of being a creator and being behind the songs, and how important that is in this world to so many people. So, I’m very privileged to be an Ambassador.

8. My advice for APRA AMCOS songwriters heading to Nashville:

Head down, bum up, go for it, don’t take no for an answer, and work really, really hard. And get better at what you do every single day.

9. The key to a good songwriting collaboration is…

Communication, leaving egos at the door, being open to being pushed beyond your musical comfort zones, a willingness to get uncomfortably vulnerable for the sake of your art. 

10. The future of songwriting is exciting because…

We have an opportunity to say something, like, really say something. We have an opportunity to speak to hearts, to heal others and ourselves, to uplift, to punch you right in the gut with a lyric. What songwriters do truly matters -- after all, if we didn’t have music, what would this world even be anymore? 

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