Brisbane's iconic music venue wins APRA AMCOS Award

Friday, 02 Mar 2018

Friday's Nigel Kilvington and APRA AMCOS Ambassador James Blundell. Photo Bobby Rein.

This week Nigel Kilvington of Friday’s Riverside received a Good Music Citizen award from James Blundell on behalf of APRA AMCOS for a commitment to developing the live music sector in Brisbane for more than 30 years. Friday’s is only the second venue in the country to receive such an award, following the Carillon in Canberra.

“Nigel’s passion for quality live music and his understanding of the importance of opportunities for musicians is truly best practice," said Catherine Giuliano, APRA AMCOS Director General Licensing.

Catherine Giuliano said, “Adding to that, Friday’s has consistently been fully licensed to use music over three decades. That level of respect for the works owned by music creators is to be applauded.”

It is because of Nigel that many serendipitous connections were made at the venue, one between Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones (Savage Garden) and Tim Mason (Paris, Texas) was particularly fortuitous in establishing the former’s careers in the 1990s and 2000s.  

James Blundell said, “Friday’s is a venue where world-class musicians have honed their craft as well as a space where up and comers are given the floor. It’s a privilege to grant the award as an Ambassador for APRA AMCOS, the biggest organisation on the Australian music landscape. APRA AMCOS has 97,000 songwriter, composer and publishers members. More than 145,000 organisations like Friday’s are licensed to use music in their spaces because of the diligence of the licensing team.”

For the first time since it opened in 1986, Friday’s Riverside owned by Weller Hotels and Taverns is passing into new hands - Melbourne based Australian Venue Co, who also own Buffalo Bar and Kingsleys Brisbane among others around the country.

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