Information regarding misleading media report on OneMusic and APRA AMCOS

A statement to our members, customers, stakeholders and industry groups

Friday, 02 Aug 2019

We have become aware of an article published on Wednesday 30 July on the SmartCompany website published by Private Media that includes a number of false statements, including a claim by the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia that music licensing in Australia is a “scam”. APRA AMCOS thoroughly rejects this damaging and irresponsible accusation.

As you know we have been working with your industry on the development of OneMusic, which is the activity of APRA AMCOS and PPCA under the OneMusic banner. However, you may receive queries from your members or others in the industry that may be confused by the misleading Smart Company article.

Payment to music creators and copyright owners is a legal and long standing requirement under the Copyright Act (1968) in cases where a business is using music in a commercial setting. This is fair, and we are proud to represent our members' music, support them in promoting it to the world, and returning to them their due.

OneMusic Australia is a joint initiative between APRA AMCOS (representing songwriters, composers and music publishers) and PPCA (representing indie and major record labels and Australian recording artists) and has been designed to make it easier for businesses to meet the requirements of the Copyright Act (1968). It's not a world first - OneMusic New Zealand has been in operation for the past five years to great success.

It used to be the case that the likes of venues, shops, gyms, etc. that play music publicly had to go to two different organisations to get a licence from each. Now, OneMusic Australia makes it simpler and quicker with one licence to cover the songwriter & composers and the recording artists' work. It's a win for local businesses as much as it is for local musicians. That is the truth and we stand by it.

Some businesses didn't even know they needed two different licences to be legally compliant. OneMusic solves this problem for them.

APRA will continue to participate in our re-authorisation process with the ACCC, and make any necessary operational changes where appropriate. Authorisation is a voluntary process that provides our stakeholders with the opportunity to raise any concerns with an independent third party and forms an integral part of our governance framework. We choose to participate in this process to help ensure we operate in the best interests of our members and customers at all times.

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