Drop by in July for a little help (and inspiration) with your Performance Reports

Monday, 24 Jun 2019

Alice Ivy, photo by Michellefish

"Performing live is a major source of income nowadays and if you stay on top of your Performance Reports you get rewarded with a nice little bonus from APRA every now and again, which really helps!" (Alice Ivy)

Performance Reports are due 31 July!

Need a hand?
Reps will be on hand for extended hours until 9pm AEST on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 July. Call 1800 642 634 | writer@apra.com.au | Live chat

Doing your Performance Reports definitely falls under the category of 'Adulting.' It's a tad tedious, requires organisation and record keeping, and it's pretty easy to procrastinate doing for about 11 months of the year. But you know if you do it there will be an actual, literal pay day. In November.

Last year, more than $7 million in live performance royalties were paid to a record 17,499 members. Be proud, that's a ton of hours of adulting going into those reports, not to mention the time involved for songwriting, rehearsals, booking shows, and playing gigs.  

As always: Grab our 'How to Submit a Performance Report PDF' guide here. Read up on our FAQs, the Tips of the Trade, or drop the Writer Services team a line at 1800 642 634 / writer@apra.com.au / Live Chat.

Need a bit of inspiration to get into Performance Reports mode? Look no further than fellow members who played and got paid. 

You deserve nice things. That’s just science. Performance returns help you get real world money in exchange for the real world admin of you submitting setlists from your shows throughout the year. (Jeremy Neale)

As an independent artist, the live performance royalties really help to contribute towards being able to make and release new music. (Tia Gostelow)

For many years I didn't put in live performance reports, and in hindsight the income gained would have helped immensely, as music was my main income. Now, getting those returns in, is like a yearly 'income surprise' which is amazing. Something so simple to do allows me to reinvest in my musical career and upgrade my musical gear. Its one of the first things I tell young musicians who are starting out: Go sign up with APRA AMCOS and get paid to play your own music. (Ben Evolent)

Our band is constantly on the road doing shows and the extra income that we get each year from the live performance royalty from APRA AMCOS gets a huge thumbs up from us. We strongly recommend all live performers fill out your yearly performance reports as every bit of income helps. (The Wolfe Brothers)

Live Performance Royalties are super important, Fam. Make sure you submit so you can get those extra funds to help towards your next step, whether that's on the road or in the studio. (Jimblah, Homeward Bound)

To know our main source of income is performing live and the cherry on top in seeing that extra royalty money hit the band bank account after completing our performing returns each year. It keeps us recording, releasing and touring. DO IT! (Natasha Shanks, The Little Lord Street Band)

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