Vale Ralph Murphy

Dean Ormston, Chief Executive, APRA AMCOS

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Dean Ormston, Brett Cottle, Ralph Murphy, Ian James

APRA AMCOS are truly devastated to have learned of the passing of Ralph Murphy yesterday morning.

Ralph was one of the good guys and greeted us with the warmest of welcomes everywhere we saw him. He believed in what we did as an organisation and, importantly, believed in the contribution of our songwriters.

Many of us have cherished memories of working closely with Ralph over the years, and of the guidance and support he showed the Australian songwriting community. He often spoke of his fondness for his time spent on the APRA AMCOS presented Three Wise Monkeys panel at SongSummit in 2012, and subsequent national speaking tour with Tom Jackson and Ariel Hyatt in 2013, and how much that experience meant to him. Needless to say, those memories also mean a great to deal to many of our staff, and to the writers who’s lives he impacted.

 As beloved for his songwriting as he was for his wisdom and friendship, Ralph will be dearly missed.

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