A letter to songwriters who lack confidence

Friday, 26 Jul 2019

Francesca de Valence, founder of I Heart Songwriting Club, knows the struggles of songwriters and in this new blog series Letters to Songwriters she illuminates the biggest problems in the songwriting process and shares proven, practical solutions to breakthrough and support a prospering relationship with songwriting. 

The second letter of this series is to songwriters who lack confidence. If this is you, read on.

Francesca de Valence. Photo: Christophe Berjot

Dear Songwriter who isn’t confident, 

I can see your songwriting book is now filling up with new and finished songs. Songs that you’ve been writing and finishing since I wrote to you in January. That’s brilliant! You’re finally doing what you’ve been wanting to do for so long - finishing songs. 

And because you’ve been writing songs for the last 6 months, every single week, and you have 26 brand new finished songs, it makes sense that you want more. You want to share these songs and do more with these songs. Isn’t that totally exciting? 

But the next level feels like such a leap. How do you get there? You ask. I can imagine you wilting away at the very thought of how you will get to where you need to go to next. 

I understand. I used to be just like you. I used to lie in bed and imagine people sitting in the audience in front of me, listening to every word of my song. My song. That song that I wrote about that really painful or joyous experience. And in my dreams, the people in front of me are moved to tears. They understand me and they feel understood.  

But I’d wake up and my day would start and then I would get totally swept away in what I had already on my plate. I might see a really cool opportunity when scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed over a coffee and in a hurry I’d apply or comment that “I can do that”. 

And I could. I knew what I was capable of. But there was something missing. I lacked something. But, what was it?


You used to feel this way about writing songs too, but you solved that, remember? You solved it by writing songs every single week for the past 6 months and now you have 26 more finished songs. So if you can solve the problem of unfinished songs, how do you solve this problem of lack of confidence? 

There is no magic pill that you can take to become confident. And ‘fake it til you make it’ happens only when you get a rush of courage, and sometimes it’s months in between drinks. 

But you desperately want more. To play your songs, and record your songs, to release your songs and be living your wildest creative dreams. But you need confidence to do that, right? 

Or do you? What if you don’t? 

I started mentoring singer-songwriter Carla only 6 months ago. She had written 20 songs in I Heart Songwriting Club and she wanted to be getting her songs onto stages and recording and releasing her music. But she didn’t know how and she lacked the confidence to do this. 

So together we put together a plan of HOW she was going to go from no gigs and no released music to building gig experience, fans and finally recording and releasing her debut single with a ticketed launch concert. 

And over 6 months she did the work. The work that was set out in her plan. Every single week. About 4 hours of work every single week. Sometimes more. She asked questions, she acknowledged the fear, but she did it anyway. And at some point along that journey, I vividly remember getting a message from Carla saying: “I get it, Francesca. The work works. If I do the work, I will get the results”. 

Carla released her debut single and it charted in the top 20 charting on Triple J Unearthed, she also had 12 gigs booked on her calendar in the following 3 months. And what’s more, she now says, she finds performing her own songs easy and fun! Can you imagine that? 

Carla is now confident about writing songs and sharing her songs and performing her songs. And what it was that solved her problem of lack of confidence was having a simple and crystal clear plan that she took action on every single week. And the results of doing the work built her the confidence that she was seeking. 

She didn’t wait until she was confident before she started. If she had done that, she would probably be in the same place as she was 6 months ago - with no gigs and no single to launch. 

So do you want to know how to get confident? 

Here it is: 

Have a simple and clear plan that you take action on that will get from where you are now to where it is you want to go. And the results of doing the work will give you confidence. 

And in case you think this solution is just for hobby songwriters, you are mistaken. It will work for any songwriter or singer-songwriter at any stage of their career development. 

This is something I’m so passionate about; inspiring songwriters to be living their wildest creative dreams. Life is too short to wait until you’re confident before you take action. So I want to help people take action! 

So make a plan. Maybe your plan is to write one song every week and play one gig or open mic every week. That’s not where it ends, but that might be where you need to start. Then take action on that plan. Do the work. The action will build results and the results will build confidence. Do that for 3 months and see how much more confident you feel. 

Seriously. Writing songs, recording and releasing music and living YOUR dream life is something you can do! Let me show you the powerful pathways to make it happen. 

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Here’s to your amazing success!  

Francesca  xo 

PS. Loved this? Want more? Email me for my complimentary Songwriter’s Toolkit. Just put ‘send me my tool kit’ in the subject line and I will fast track the kit to your inbox and give you some really cool ways you can start using it today francesca@iheartsongwritingclub.com

About Francesca: 

Francesca de Valence is an Australian artist, award-winning songwriter, international speaker, and founder & CEO of I Heart Songwriting Club. She has been acknowledged by the Los Angeles Music Awards with an International Songwriter of the Year Award and also holds an Australian Songwriting Award. Francesca has supported artists including Jimmy Webb, Belinda Carlisle and The Manhattan Transfer and her music can be heard on ABC radio around Australia. 

Francesca writes a monthly column for Songwriting Magazine UK, has a fortnightly ABC Radio songwriting segment and facilitates songwriting workshops nationally and internationally for PROs including APRA AMCOS & IMRO. When she's not on the road running workshops, making music and speaking, Francesca can be found in her hometown of Brisbane or her creative hub in Paris - eating baguettes and writing songs in French language.

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