Who should apply for The Seed Fund's Future Makers Workshop 2020? You.

Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019

The Seed Fund's Future Makers Workshop has announced its 2020 program, with applications opening 1 August and closing 15 September. The upcoming workshop will continue to include artists who are managed as well as self-managed artists and artist managers. 

The Future Makers workshop is described as: "A chance for artists and managers to examine the mechanics of their operation. Part professional development program, part personal inquiry, our vision is for all artists and managers to progress towards becoming sustainable in what can feel like a sea of opportunities and road blocks." 

The Seed Fund has been supporting the artist community for over 13 years through their innovative management workshops. Since inception, The Seed Fund, comprised of Danielle Caruana, Carlo Santone, Stacia Goninon, and John Butler, has been directed by practicing artists and it is from that perspective that they embolden artists, positioning them front and center in their own industry, to inform, to support and to give agency.

Stacia from The Seed Fund answered our questions about what the workshop entails. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity, so get your application in by 15 September and start looking towards the future.

Q: Is there a particular career stage or level of experience that you are looking for in applicants?

The Future Makers Management Workshop is aimed at emerging level managers - that said, there is a wide scope of what that means and we believe the power of this workshop is that it’s about developing community which is vital to all of us. We do look for some runs on the board so we can see that you are serious about your career in music - with only 10% of applicants being awarded a place we want to know you are in it for the long haul.

Q: Can you share a bit of what the 2020 program will entail? Any particular workshops or areas of focus?

We are maintaining our focus on the artist as the core of their own world and we speak a lot about how to develop your own microcosm, to examine your values and then create partnerships and experiences that align with those values.

Q: So much has changed in the industry since The Seed began in 2005. What kind of topics and/or tools are the most in-demand or asked about these days?

I think the biggest thing we are now focusing on is the shift towards the artist centrality - there is SO much scope to create your own story - I think this is already reasonably well spoken about but we want to reach into all the corners of the industry so we all know we can write our own rules.

Q: And, are there certain aspects of management that as programmers you think managers/artists need to be more aware of / informed of?

We really subscribe to the theory that the world is an evolving place - particularly in music so just keep talking, stay connected as much as possible. Reach out to your community - go on, do it today! You just never know what surprising and mysterious things will happen. So much knowledge and wisdom exists in your peers and mobilising your own immediate network is incredibly powerful and rewarding.

Q: Lastly, any words of encouragement or tips for applying for 2020?

Keep it short and sweet, when you have over 300 applications to assess each year the ones that stand out are the ones who can get to the point quickly!

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