CHANGES' Emily Ulman programs a different kind of music industry conference

Friday, 14 Jun 2019

Music industry conference CHANGES is back and true to its ethos, changes are afoot. Singer and songwriter Emily Ulman has stepped into the programming role this year, and with the CHANGES program now fully revealed, she shares her insights into making two busy days and nights of music, tech, talks and ideas into a fully realised conference. From the practical (media interview workshops) to the more contemplative (the future hip-hop in Australia), CHANGES addresses myriad topics.

CHANGES takes place 3-4 July and based out of Abbotsford Convent and venues around the area. APRA AMCOS members are eligible for a 15% discount on CHANGES Summit & Live Music Pass tickets.

The programmer's perspective

For me as CHANGES programmer I've aimed for a music industry summit that will force people to be a little uncomfortable. I have carefully selected innovators, artists, thinkers and leaders from across the music business, and together I hope we can challenge our assumptions about where the music business is, and where it, and we, might be going in the future. Ultimately it's my hope that people will attend CHANGES with questions, and come away with answers but even more questions. Fortune favours the curious and with curiosity comes meaningful CHANGES.

Who or what segment of the music industry is CHANGES programmed for?

On Day 1 (Wed 3rd July) we'll all be in the same room together all day listening to 30 minute keynote presentations from music experts about the future of the industry. And then on Day 2, we'll all splinter off into workshops, panels, masterclasses, networking and hypotheticals, and each will cater to the three tiers of industry streams: emerging, mid-career and established. I very much tailored the program to meet the needs of all industry people - whether aspiring or well and truly firmly entrenched.

Programmer's notes

When talking about program highlights it would be hard to go past Lydia Lunch's keynote talk on Day 1 of CHANGES. As far as change is concerned, Lydia embodies what it means to disrupt, to alter the trajectory of sound and space and the industry altogether.

There will be a conversation titled "Can You Be Ambitious and Happy?" Moderated by Nkechi Anele with Jen Cloher, Anna Benefield (Panache Booking Agency/USA) and Clare Bowditch having a look at what it means to be ambitious in the music industry. What it means to chase ambition, or alternatively be chased by it.

Sound Past, Sound Present and Sound Future presented by VMDO First Peoples is a conversation with the traditional custodians of the location on which the conference will be held. These incredible Wurunjeri artists will discuss their ancient connection to the land, how it has impacted their practice, and what a perfect future working with sound would look like.

Taking the Con out of Branded Content is a look at what an artist's brand is, how valuable it is and in turn what brands have to offer to the music industry. Advertising, branding and media experts will deep dive into the value of the artist, tastemaker and creator.

In Sync Idol, four sync experts will each select a different Victorian-based artist track to the same scene in a short film. In this session we'll be able to delve into the particular processes involved in the sync world.

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